Gary Dean

From the West, Northward to the East

Gary Dean

I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, in the pre-Sputnik era, and brought up in a mono-cultural English/British suburban environment.

I am a Gemini and a Rooster. My MBTI is INFJ, my blood type B-, and I’m an Aspie. Here’s a snapshot of my genome.

My life has largely unfolded across South East Asia, culminating in my migration to Indonesia in 1996.  I am an Indonesian citizen.

I have a reasonably diverse set of role models: Robert Sapolsky, Gotama, Germaine Greer, and Pa Kettle, among many others, each shaping my perspectives in some ways.


I have several intellectual pursuits, and these include:

  • Group theory
  • Prosociality
  • The evolution of humans: biological, cultural, and technological
  • Nutritional biology
  • Human discourse
  • Secularised dharmas
  • AI
  • Horizontal internetworking (P2P, Mesh, FidoNet, Usenet) and the concept of quasi-autonomous internetworked human communities.
Gary Dean
Amsterdam Centraal

Over the years, I’ve acquired some knowledge and experience in several areas, including:

  • Sociology & Politics
  • Human cultures, political systems, and international relations
  • History, culture, and politics of Maritime Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia
  • Proficiency in Indonesian language
  • Insight into political processes, governmental structures, and geopolitics
  • Advocacy for open political systems and technologies
  • Commitment to secular dharma
  • Computing
    • Skills in application programming (PHP, SQL, Bash, C)
    • Linux system administration and scripting
    • Support for open-source technology and software
  • Biology
    • Knowledge in animal husbandry, particularly ruminants
    • Interest in controlled-environment food production (hydroponics, aquaponics, and invertebrate protein production)
    • A focus on human evolutionary biology/psychology

I welcome dialogue, collaboration, or business propositions in these or related fields.  Please feel free to contact me.

Business Endeavours

Founder and chairman of the Okusi group of companies, providing corporate services to foreign companies investing in Indonesia, including company establishments, accounting and taxation, audit, merger and liquidation, immigration formalities, and research.

Director of a number of other Indonesian companies operating various fields.

Formal Education

  • 1996-2000 | Bachelor of Asian Studies Murdoch University, Perth, Australia A four-year specialist programme focused on Indonesian studies, complemented by politics and international relations, including a year at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.

  • 1995-1996 | Diploma of Social Science (Indonesian) Central Institute of Technology, Perth, Australia A two-year course in Indonesian language.

  • 1983-1984 | Associate Diploma of Agricultural Technology TAFE Agricultural Extension Service, Perth, Australia Specialised in livestock husbandry with a focus on ruminants.

  • 1981-1982 | Certificates in Animal Technology and Animal Nursing Bentley Technical College, Perth, Australia Covered husbandry of various species used in medical research.