Ya Udah Bistro
Jalan Jaksa No. 51
Tel: 314 3923, 314 4121
Orders: 0811 982587, 0812 1035214
Open: 08.00 00.00

Ya Udah

Arguably the best eatery on the street for international food. Same Swiss Gentleman runs it and Global. Prices have recently risen with inflation, but for the most part is still a good choice for cleanliness, taste and price. They close at midnight sharp, no ifs ands or buts. Beer is 15,000 for a big Bintang, and Hatten wine [Botted in Bali] is about Rp 24,000. Soups, salads and sandwiches are excellent. Great selection of bread and meat and they have their own ice cream.

One of the energetic staff at Ya Udah, Dewi.

Steve M. from Canada, who has lived in Jakarta for 10+ years and manages an English school, has a beer at Ya Udah Bistro after dinner. Behind him is the adjoining travel agency, Global Travel.

  Jalan Jaksa is a street famous among backpackers and English teachers for its affordable hostel and eatery selections.

Among the eateries, Ya Udah Bistro stands out with its quality foods and reasonable prices. Literally translated as "Oh, well" Bistro, this place is a must-visit restaurant if you happen to be around Jalan Jaksa. Although not a place for a fine dining experience, it certainly is clean. As a matter of fact, I think keeping the decor functional helps defray the food prices here.

As an international restaurant, they definitely has something for everybody. On the menus, European, Asian, as well as American foods are available. However, it is worth noted their German dishes stand out from the rest.

This eatery offers plenty appetizer selections, including spring rolls and Chef Salad (Rp. 8,500). For North Europeans, there are erbsensuppe mit wurst (German pea soup with beef sausage), accompanied by dark German rye bread (Rp. 12,500) and bockwurst (German sausage) plus potato salad (Rp. 12,500). The 20-cm bockwurst is supplied by the "German Butcher" - Chris Kramer - who has a sausage factory in Cirebon.

Having said all that about the appetizers, what about the entrees? Their extensive list of entrees include:

Chateaubriand - the succulent taste of this dish will bring you back memories of Europe. A half kilogram of beef steak, served with German-Fried Fries and veggies (about Rp. 100,000).

Mouth-watering Tartare steak, served with toast, capers / anchovy, black pepper, chopped union, butter, and LP sauce, (about Rp. 35,000).

Award-winning Beef Stroganoff, served with a heap of white rice (about Rp. 30,000)

To-die-for Rotisserie chicken, served with french fries (about Rp. 25,000).

All meals in Ya-Udah are served with delicious, sweet, imported-German mustard, of which is called Cafe de Paris.

Other entrees include Goulash Soup, Chicken Steak, and Chicken Butterfly. Drinks range from hot tea to sodas.