Tatto's Billiard Club
Jalan Jaksa No. 38
Phone: 021-3911391
Fax: 021-
Hours: 11pm-02am

  Located at Jalan Jaksa no. 38, Tatto’s Billiard Club is a nice place for hang out, especially for the people who like Billiard sport.

Even tough, Tato’s Billiard it’s seem like a place for foreign residence, but Tatto’s Billiard is also familiar for dark western.

Tatto’s Billiard is only for Billiard sport and the owned unserved others games, Marni says,” we only served Billiard and soft drink, we didn’t have any plan to served others games or served any food”.

Open daily from 11 pm to 02 am, Tatto’s Billiard is prepared eight tables for Billiard mania and only Rp. 2,500/coint for a game.