Tator Hotel
Jalan Jaksa no 37
Phone: 021-3192 3940
Fax: 021- 3192 5124
Hours: 24 hours

The front desk staff at the Tator Hotel, no. 37.

Goeboek Cafe no. 37, serving local food and Bintang beer for less than Rp 20,000 for a big bottle. It is connected to the Tator Hotel.

  In 1989 Tator Hotel is only a house in Jalan Jaksa for rented, but since 1994 that house has changed into well-original decoration Hotel with reasonable charge that suitable either for the tourists or for the domestic residence to spent sometimes there.

In Tator Hotel the rooms are divided into the name of the island in Indonesia, for example ; Sulawesi Room with specificity; queen-size bed, air conditioner, private bathroom with hot water and the price only Rp. 110,000, Toraja Room specificity; queen-size or twin bed, air conditioner and private bathroom, with a price Rp. 105,000.

Tator Hotel also provide Standard Room specificity; queen-size or twin bed, fan, private bathroom; Rp. 90,000. Single Room specificity, Single bed, fan, private bathroom; Rp.70,000. All prices include breakfast.

The word “Tator” actually comes from Tanah Toraja, a famous area of South Sulawesi with its ‘above-ground’ cemetaries.

It has been on the street for over a decade and the family, as one may guess originates from Tanah Toraja, near Makassar in S. Sulawesi. Room rates are Rp 100,000 and up for AC or Fan rooms with en suite bathrooms and it is incredibly clean and quiet.

The staff/family is very polite and efficient, but somewhat traditional. It would likely be frowned upon to take a recently befriended guest of the opposite sex to your room, but they would not actually say it on most occasions.