Romance Cafe

A few of the late night regulars at Romance enjoy some Saturday football, while quenching their thirst. From right to left, M. Clarkie from Canada {manager of an international school English program and Liverpool hooligan}; The famous ... the world famous ... David Jardine from the UK {writer and long time Jakarta resident and Jaksa regular as well as a rabid Carlisle United fanatic} and R. Bennett from the UK {editor of an English-language weekly news magazine and veteran Chelsea supporter- pre-Abramovitz}. The three of them have lived in Jakarta for a combined 40 or so years.

  From a building office to a small café at Jalan Jaksa, it’s Merry’s café. From the decoration, Merry’s Café is not very famous with the others café at jalan jaksa. Merry’s Café only served one food, Menado food.

Merry’s café is just a simply café, where most of the costumers are from local residence but it doesn’t means that foreigners are forbid to come here. Many of the tourists often to stopped by at Merry’s Café.

Despite of its simple and ordinary café, Merry’s Café also served reflexology massage and provided with money changer facility. Well It’s one thing that you rarely seen in any other café in Jalan Jaksa.

So, if you’re looking for a simple café with low price and secure place for chit-chat then you come to the right place. That is Merry’s Café.