Okusi Associates
Jalan Jaksa No. 11
Phone: 390 1007
Fax: 3190 2520
Email: associates@okusi.net
Web: www.okusiassociates.com
Hours: 8am - 6pm, Mon. to Sat.

  Okusi Associates is an Indonesian business and management services company. Their activities include commercial research, company incorporation services, immigration services, accountancy and tax reporting, and the provision of interim and project management services, however their specialty is establishing and operating Indonesian companies for foreign investors who wish to do business here.

They also service tourists or foreign residents who wish to obtain visas, visa extensions and work permits.

Okusi Associates has professionals in the fields of commercial law, management, politics, sociology, psychology and linguistics.

Okusi Associates was actually established in Yogyakarta in 1997, but in 2001 the head office was moved to Jakarta.

Okusi's clients come from all over the world, especially Europe, Australasia and the countries of Southeast Asia.