Nickís Hostel
Jalan Jaksa No. 16
Phone: 021-3107014
Hours: 24 hours

  If you look for a hotel that has large parking spot and definitely has the cheapest price, Then you better come to Nickís hostel that located in Jalan Jaksa No 16.

Nickís Hostel is a perfect place for rest and spent some quality times. The guests are mostly come from domestic area and a few of them are tourists.

They choose Nickís Hotel because the reasonable charge, and near from Central Government. Hari from Ternate choose Nickís Hostel because, comfy, cheap and also near from Central Government. That seems to be one of the great reasons why many people come here.

Letís check out the prices:

With fan and bathroom inside only Rp. 65,000 to 70,000, with air conditioner and bathroom out side only Rp. 70,000 fan and bathroom out side only Rp. 50,000 to 55,000 and minority rooms (4 beds) with fan and bathroom inside only Rp. 20.000.00 /person.