Mushollah Arrahmaniyah
Jalan Kebon Sirih Barat No. 47
Hours: 24 hours

At the top of Kebon Sirih Barat looking westward from Jalan Jaksa.


Mushollah Arrahmaniyyah has been in Jalan Jaksa since 1900, that is before Jalan Jaksa was made into Kawasan Wisata Malam. The place is sited on Jalan Kebon Sirih No. 47.

Mushollah Arrahmaniyyah was the only place in Jalan Jaksa for Muslim to pray, but then this place is meant to be there in order to provide religion service not just for local residence but also to the tourist who happens to be a moslem.

Mr.H.Ilyas is the person whose in charge in preserving Musholla Arrahmaniyah. He was born 63 years ago and spent almost of his times in taking care of Musholla Arrahmaniyah. He then explained to me the normal routine that runs there including the special programs that runs at Ramadhan.