Djody Mini Market
Jalan Jaksa No. 29
Phone: 021-3155205
Fax: 021-3155210
Hours: 07am-11pm, Sunday to Thursday
Hours: 07am-12pm, Friday to Saturday

Djody's Minimart

PONDOK ANDA food stall located on front stoop of aptly named minimarket right at the top of Jalan Kebon Sirih Barat I

  The aptly named "minimarket", is a market with small collection of basic provisions, batteries, cigarettes and snacks.

Djody Minimarket is well known for foreign residence and also for the tourists. Usually the costumer comes from the community that live Jalan Jaksa.

Actually Djody Minimarket isn’t difference with the other minimarket in Jakarta. Is just a regular market that sells daily needs with various prices, from Rp. 1.500 to Rp. 50.000

Recently opened at the front stop of the market is a small food stall serving local favorites called Pondok Anda, literally means ‘your shelter'.