Memories Café
Jalan Jaksa No. 17
Phone: 021-3162548
Fax: 021-3928839
Hours: 08am-02am

  Next door to the Margot Cafe is arguably the most popular cafe/bar in the street -- Memories -- at the moment in terms of numbers of people, and general activity, with a live band most nights, a few local girls looking for tourists to "befriend", and good prices for beer and a limited food menu.

They have Bintang and Carlsberg big bottles for less than Rp 20,000.

It is also home to the so-called "wailing wall" where a group of long-time foreign residents, including core wailers Brian, Simon, John T., Steve "Sunderland" and several others congregate. They get together a few times a week to discuss English football, Indonesian living, international politics and any other subject that comes to mind.

They are all very well educated, have good jobs, and have lived in Jakarta for several years. A few have married here and have children. They can also be found over at BFC if Memories is too raucous, or too many inebriated, naive, backpackers start dancing to Lydia's fourth rendition of "I will survive" on the night.

Inside Memories, next to the bar, is a small book kiosk that sells and re-sells and buys back used books. There are lots of good titles to be had as backpackers lighten their load by trading in their once-read, mostly English-language, books they've brought with them from Australia, North America or Europe. If you buy a paperback for Rp. 30,000, for instance, they will buy it back for Rp. 15,000 when you are done reading it.