“Media of Tourism” Internet Café
Jalan Jaksa No. 27
Phone: 3192 6291
Fax: 319 6291
Hours: 24/7

Media of Tourism's (!) Internet cafe at No. 27, across from, Kencana travel and next to minimarket.

  Next to Ali's at No. 27 -- same as the Kencana Travel Agent as it is owned by the same family -- is an Internet cafe called “Media of Tourism” (sic).

Media of Tourism is an association of four companies -- PT. Ervina Margi Wisata, PT. Cipta Marsada Pertala, PT. Mitra Marsada Utama and Pengandaran Wisata – which in 2005 joined to become one company called “Media of Tourism”.

The name of Media of Tourism’s comes from the intention of the company to provide information services for tourists, including freelance guide, flight for domestic and travel agent, public phone and internet café.