Hotel Karya Bahana
Jalan Jaksa No. 32 – 34
Phone: 021-3140484, 390 7119, 3150509
Fax: 021- 314 2781
Hours: 24 hours

>Really bad night shot of Hotel Karya.

  In 1957, there was a house in Jalan Jaksa No. 32 – 34, that often being rented out until the owner thought to erect a commercial building. Moreover, at that time Jalan Jaksa was still in its embryo in terms of offering accommodation.

First, the owner Mr. Saleh Sjatha built 13 rooms that were rented out to a client who needed them. Between 1972 and 1975 he built another 27 rooms.

Between 1975 and 1981, the rented rooms became the Hotel Karya, with Mr. H. Saleh Sjatha joining in the development of the hotel.

Karya Hotel is the one of the hotels at Jalan Jaksa with 2 star, in junction with the travels, especially in Europe and Australia. It has 5 floor and 70 rooms, includes the superior room, the deluxe room, the executive room and extra room.

Aside that Karya Hotel have a Pub Jaksa, as one of the facilities that Karya Hotel provided. The Pub Jaksa is often being used as a place for a birthday party, commercial program on TV or just a common place to hang out.

“Karya hotel always consider the safety for the costumer as the most important thing. So when the costumer come, it’s a common for the Costumer Service in Karya hotel to check for the all customers documents”. Suryon from Karya Hotel says.

The charge of Karya Hotel, still compete with the others Hotel at Jalan Jaksa, Central Jakarta. The executive room Rp.310,000, Deluxe Rp.255,000, and Superior Rp.190,000.

So, if you want to be exclusive person just choose the exclusive. Choose Karya Hotel, the biggest hotel at Jalan Jaksa.