Graha Inanta
Jalan Jaksa No. 15
Phone: 314 3310
Fax: 3190 0460
Hours: 7.30am - 11.00pm

  Graha Inanta (“House of Inanta”) consists of four companies – PT. Duta Perdana Raya, PT. Irini Ira Dinanta, PT. Duta Dinda Perdana and PT. Ira Inanta – that specialize in certain area. Each of them operate a telephone kiosk, minimarket, and travel agency, and internet café respectively.

The four companies were established in 1991 and are owned by Mrs. Irawati. Though the businesses have had their ups and downs, they have managed survive and thrive until now.

Although prices at the minimarket are higher than other places, it is conveniently situated, and designed mainly to cater to foreign tourists who came to Jalan Jaksa. The Internet rate for one hour is Rp10,000.