Jaksa Cinthiya Book
Jalan Jaksa No. 20 C
Phone: 021-9194063
Hours: 10am-09pm

Jaksa Cynthia Book, book shop across from Pondok Anda/minimarket.

  Next to Kencana travel agent is a small book/knicknack shop called Jaksa Cinthiya Book with a collection of dusty, used books and some interesting backpack stickers and patches with everything from AC Milan to Osama Bin Laden.

In Cinthiya Books you can find any kind of books from around the globe, such as England, Dutch, Germany, Danish and Sweden. In here you can find any kind of books that written by famuos author, such as The Fight Club by Chuck Palahuik, Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquetz and the new-release book which recently becomes best seller Hitched by Zoe Barnes. Cinthiya Books also provided books that written in German edition such as Das Testament by John Grisham, Die Versuchung by David Baldacci and 5 Freunde verfolgen die Strandrauber by Enid Blyton.

Chintiya Book Shop also provide guide books so that the tourist can find their designated place in Jakarta.

The prices are various, from Rp.80,000 to Rp.200,000 for books and novels, whereas the local novels are only Rp.30,000 to Rp.50,000.

Aside from that, in Cinthiya Book Shop we can buy a book and then re-sell the book to Cinthiya Book Shop with 50% payment, or we can give our book in exchange with the others books in Chinthiya Book Shop.