Wisma Haji
Jalan Jaksa No. 30
Phone: 021 – 319 25615, 319 35993
Hours: 08am-05pm

Asrama Haji

  Jalan Jaksa is commonly known as Kawasan Wisata Malam whereas consist of relaxing places that domestic or foreign residence used to spent their times there in order to realese its hectic paced of Jakarta. In Jalan Jaksa it is commonly for us to find Café, Restaurant and Hotel since those places are meant to give certain way in entertaining people, but don’t be fooled by its look, in Jalan Jaksa no. 30 there’s a building for resting people that runned by the Government, that is Wisma Haji

Wisma Haji is owned and operated by the Ministry of Religion. It has been in Jalan Jaksa since 1987. Basically Wisma Haji is meant as a place to stay for several Government employee that were on duty in Jakarta. Aside from that Wisma Haji has also became a place for seminar or studying to certain government employee.

For me it is kind of ironic to find that certain place in Jalan Jaksa, since that place was runned by the Ministry of Religion. People may thought that Jalan Jaksa isn’t a proper place for Wisma Haji to be located on, but that is “the Unique” of Jalan Jaksa. Many things can be found in here. Certain diversity could build into certain pluralism.

When I was there, I asked to the staff of Wisma Haji about the situations in Jalan Jaksa, “so far so good, even some times the costumers felt disturbed with house music playing in around”, Mr. Muslim from Wisma Haji says.

So, How are you handling it? I asked furtermore, “We did nothing, because we knew that we’re on the same page, which is looking for money. All we can do is just make sure that all the guest are being well-treated”.

Despite its ironic well-being, Wisma Haji will always be here, in Jalan Jaksa. It is meant to be here as a place whereas domestic residence can spent times here.

So, wisma Haji only for the government employee and domestic’s people. But don’t you worry, there are many places to spend your times at Jalan Jaksa, you can find it eventough you had either low budget or high budget, depends of what you need.