Aliís Bar and Restaurant
Jalan Jaksa No. 25
Phone: 3190 0807
Hours: 10am Ė 12pm

  Aliís Bar and Restaurant is unique place to hang out and groove. The open-air front section is decorated in the style of Bali, however if you go in inside youíll find a very different atmosphere.

Many people consider, with good reason, that Aliís Bar and Restaurant is just for Africans. Certainly, the majority of the patrons here are from the Dark Continent, but the there are also a spattering of Indonesians and Europeans.

As Simon Pitchforth points out, "Africans elsewhere in Jakarta tend to be, for various reasons, slightly suspicious of their Jaksa-frequenting brethren, but at least Aliís plays infectious African pop music and has a party atmosphere."

The atmosphere in Aliís Bar and Restaurant is quite different to the others in Jalan Jaksa; the music, patrons, dťcor ....

Aliís Bar and Restaurant opens from 10am to 12am every day, with reasonable prices for soft drinks and food.

The staff will serve you as if you were in your own home Ö