‘The African Speakeasy’
Jalan Jaksa No. 39
Phone: don’t think so
Hours: night

  Hidden away behind an iron fence alongside Papa’s Café is a place not many people know about. We call it the ‘African Speakeasy’, but it actually doesn’t have a name at all!

There is a significant African community in Jakarta, mainly textile traders and soccer players. However, unfortunately, there are also a number involved in underworld activities, and the papers always seem to carry stories of Nigerians being arrested for drug trafficking. To a great extent, this community is ostracized and feared by Jakartans, and hotels and hostels are very reluctant to accept them. They also have a hard time getting taxis, thus many have been forced to purchase their own private vehicles.

So that’s no doubt the reason the ‘African Speakeasy’ was formed. The original ‘African Speakeasy’ was situated in Tanah Abang, which is a very large center for textile traders, but then they moved to Jalan Jaksa where they came together with their nice cars and spend night to till morning there.

Actually, the place doesn’t look too special, if you are game enough to go inside. Basically, it’s just a vacant lot with a bit of garbage strewn around, and a chicken coop. However, at night, the chicken coop magically turns into a jumping, happening place for Jakarta’s African community.

Based on information from sources who wish to remain anonymous, the ‘African Speakeasy’ is a place to party. Any kind of party. And while most of the patrons are black Africans, a few brave locals also venture inside.

One of the patrons says: “I like this place because of its natural view; we can look at the moon and stars at night”.