Absolute Café
Jalan Jaksa No. 5
Phone: 021-31909847
Hours: 05pm-03am

Mr. B, the public relations consultant at Absolute during a typically busy Saturday night {actually about 2 am on a Sunday}. Directly behind him is Jaksa's renowned chief scholar, Nick. Mr. B's wife Iefa, not pictured here, is the chief manager of Absolute.
Febriana Simons [second from right] and friends at the old P's Place [now Absolute Bar] during a birthday two years ago. Foreigners in Back row are award winning journo Fabio Scarpello [Italy] and his partner, Inge [Norway]. Three of the girls in the front row are now pregnant, Febri, along with the two on each end, Reeta [left] and Rika [right].

  The first bar on Jaksa -- No.5 -- is also the newest.

Absolute Café resides where P's Place used to be and has the mosquito-repelling advantage of being both inside and air-conditioned. There is a free pool table upstairs, and fine publican called Ben. They have Kabelvision channels, among them ESPN and STAR Sport, making it popular with tourists and foreign residents alike who like sport.

Downstairs, also equipped with cable TV, is nice for dining. The menu is extensive with Western and Asian favorites, and at decent prices -- usually between Rp. 10,000 and Rp. 25,000 per dish. Drinks, beer on tap, wine and spirits are as inexpensive as they come here, and ex-P's Place regulars should head down and check out the minimally stylish decor (and the vodka).

It is usually one of the last bars on the street to close, often staying open until 3am and beyond, especially if there is a late football game on live from Europe. It usually opens in the late afternoon, around 4pm.