Kantor KPPD DKI Jakarta
Jalan Jaksa No. 25
Phone: 319 26945
Fax: 319 26221
Hours: 8am - 4pm

  The co-operative of regional government employees (KPPD) is a credit union for middle-ranking government officials in the region of the Special Capital Region (“DKI”).

The credit union was opened at Jalan Jaksa No. 25 in 1979.

The place is often crowded with uniformed civil servants who go there to borrow money to buy consumer goods.

Of the 100,000 civil servants in Jakarta, only about 10,000 are members of the KPPD as membership is not compulsory for civil servants in Jakarta.

KPPD personally/own managed by the private employee. The 1st floor from the office is Ali’s Bar and Restaurant. The place hired was meant for foreigner’s entertainment, the 2nd and 3rd floor was meant for the government office complex.